May 7, 2018

Laser Tag Parties

Imagine the thrill of combat…in your own back yard!   Big Time Video Games On Wheels & Laser Tag brings high-tech, realistic “battlefield” action right to you!  Our Game Coach/Referee sets up the playing field, instructs and readies players for “combat” and runs the party!  You relax…and your home stays clean!

Laser tag party in Charlotte, North Carolina

With the most high-tech laser tag system by Adventure Sports HQ, players feel as if they’ve been thrust into a real-life battle for survival…but it’s safe…and FUN!

Laser tag birthday party in Charlotte, NC

The Laser Tag Field is set up with a variety of pop up bunkers. The recruits can play Free for All, Team Battle, VIP and other game play with 8 built-in weapon options. Each weapon battle mode includes a unique sound, has a different range, damage amount, clip size, and fire rate. 

NOTE: All players must have a signed liability release “waiver” form.  Please download the form here and print.

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